Payphones Era is Over



In an era of 4G cellular networks, sms, digital publishing, and Face Time, the pay phone is simply inappropriate and trivial. As statistics show, pay phone usage had turned down 12% a year since 1998. Some mobile publishers and tablet magazines state that Payphones are “the horse and carriage of the tools of communication.”



Those payphones that we see on the streets of NY are being infrequently used. Those phones are filthy and uninviting. The external glass of the payphone seem like somebody was throw up on them years ago. Old marker signs and glue remnants after removed stickers make those phones even more uninviting.



So, do we need those phones? Who uses them?



In contrast to the depressing view of the Payphones, we see happy, smart-looking, and appealing users of mobile devices that stroll with their phones in their hands. Endless digital users read the tablet magazines in small NYC café-shops, continuous booklovers read their books over iPads, and iPhone lovers never let their devices out of their site.



My friend Ben is probably the only person in New York that refuses to buy a mobile phone. Ben does not normally use the phone. He still lives with his parents in a tiny apartment that faces his little store on a first floor. And only in case of emergency he uses the Payphone.



The English tourists that I met this morning manage to communicate without a phone as well. Those nice guys explained that they do not have a cell phone because their stay in Manhattan is very short.



After reviewing all the information I came to conclusion that New Yorkers basically do need those hideous and troubled Payphones. Such people as Ben and as NY tourists will definitely use the Payphone in one point.


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