Goldman Sachs and its Mobile App


The New York Public Library has an eye-catching new app of Goldman Sachs. The mobile-publication lets you see a ton of information and analysis of the main security market dealer of the nation. With the electronic iPad app of Goldman Sachs you can do all the financial operations virtually. It allows you to perform with the financial portfolio anything anywhere, and anytime.



The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.  is known as being one of the best recognized American investment banking firms. The Goldman Sachs Group primary engages in Financial Advisory in the mergers and acquisitions sector. It is one of the largest IPO manager-firms in the world. Its annual earnings are around US$10 billion.



iPad is a unique and very useful tool.  And financial firm Goldman Sachs built their own app to serve customers on the go. It’s like a time traveling machine that brings into your iPad all-financial documents and reports. It helps people to supervise their monetary investments, to check on their money-making portfolio, and it helps to track today’s stock market.



That iPad app is very easy in navigation and it always stays connected to your banking system and to the financial markets. With the Goldman Sachs Apple app users are able to pay their electronic bills. They can easily access their bank accounts and to check their transaction history. This app is even allowing people to send wire transfers. The best part of this app is that user can easily get access to a free iPad issue.

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