Who we are?


The TapEdition Digital Publishing Platform was created by a group of hardcore iOS and HTML5 developers who decided it was time for anyone to be able create iPad apps with digital publishing. When the iPad was released in 2010, our team was contracted to develop many magazine apps. During the development stages, we noticed almost all the apps we were developing had many things in common. We then decided, hey lets make our job easier! We started working on a SDK to help us develop magazine apps for our clients. Weeks (or actually days technically, but it felt like weeks because of the long nights) past, and we decided hey lets make a platform so anyone can create these magazine apps! TapEdition was born!

Why digital publications?

Publications already have a team of strong designers who make their publications shine. Why not use them? That is what we figured. We figured, hey let the designers do what they do best which is the publication design and layout. Then lets allow them to use their great content and then let us create a technology which will make that content into an interactive iPad app. That is what we were able to accomplish with TapEdition.


Our mission is simple. "Provide a Digital Publishing Platform to utilize existing content and build interactive iPad apps which will provide the WOW factor to the users!"