Do-it-Yourself Digital Publishing Pricing

Open your account and build your app for free. Pay once you are ready to publish.


a month, flat fee, you get:

  • Your app on the iPad and iPhone (universal app)

    Your issues hosted on our servers

  • Up to 5,000 Downloads per month.

    In-app purchases for your issues

  • Unlimited issues (including back-issues)

    Auto-renewable subscriptions

  • Unlimited changes and interactions

    * Online Forum Support

For an additional $199 per month,
you get an Android app which
will work on both Android smartphones
and tablets!

Unlike our competitors, we do not charge per download. Keep all the profits you make from the App Store.

To get started, simply:

1. Sign up for TapEdition

2. Use our intuitive, easy to use web-based platform to make beautiful, interactive digital issues of your print publication

3. Once you are ready to publish your app, pay with your credit card or paypal account.

4. Profit from downloads from the app store, track user behavior and increase advertising revenue!

Design your issue

Upload your pdf and use TapEdition to add interactions including links, video, audio, RSS feeds, email, Facebook and Twitter, and more. Your digital issue will be beautiful and perfectly optimized for the iPad.

Publish your app

Once your content is perfect, simply provide your information and we will upload your app to Apple for you. Don't worry, you can still make changes to your issue through TapEdition which will appear on the app without having to resubmit!

Distribute your content

You can set a price for your app or per issue, in whichever currency you choose, or allow users to download your content for free. Take advantage of the Apple Newsstand and App Store with in-app purchases and quick issue downloads to effectively distribute your content to millions of potential users.


Existing Subscriber

Add an option so your existing print subscribers can get access to the issues for free! Your existing subscriber would just have to login with a username/password which would be integrated with your back end. This is custom integration work which is a one-time fee of $999

Always Up

We keep your credit card on file and bill you once a month to ensure that your app always up, with no interruption of service.

Worry Free

Try TapEdition worry free—and only pay when you are ready to publish.

No Middle Man

Unlike our competitors, we allow you to receive payments from Apple directly. You don't have to wait for us to pay you, and we do not charge per download.

TapEdition Features:

- Embedded video and audio

- Photo galleries with scroll view, overlay view, grid view, list view

- RSS Integration directly within a page

- Maps

- Internal and external links

- Tap-to-call and email

- Page-flipping and zoom animation

- In-app purchasing

- Renewable subscriptions

- Keyword searches

- Printing

- Online and offline editions

- Bookmarks

- Day/night reading

Sometimes you just don't have the time to "do-it-yourself".

That's why we offer Full Service!

Full Service Features:

- We handle the entire app submission, including meta data, back and forth with Apple, etc...

- We provide you with all the necessary customer support you need! (unlike the do-it-yourself in which you are doing it all on your own)

- Designing the user-interface custom to your app needs!

- Horizontal and Vertical Page Scrolling!

- Plus much more!

* Package includes ONLY online forum support. For any personalized support via email, there is an additional fee of $99 per incident.

* One-time set-up fee of $499 required if paying month to month. Setup fee waived if committed for 1-year.

* Downloads limited to 5,000 per month per platform (i.e. iOS, Android). After 5,000 has been reached for the month, you automatically will be moved to the next plan which is the unlimited downloads per month for $499.

* The monthly pricing fee is for the "standard" package. We also offer add-ons (i.e. different subscription model, existing subscriber integration, etc..) which can be added but are NOT part of standard pricing package.

* It is your responsibility to add the new paid issues to iTunesConnect OR Google Play. We do offer support in adding paid issues, which start at $299 per paid issue.

* NO Refunds provided once the app is submitted to Apple or Google Play.

* Please read further terms and conditions by visiting Terms of Service Page