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The WOW Effect

Your readers will look at your iPad app and be floored by your next-generation publishing!


No more PDFs or static publishing; your users will be able to interact with your app using all types of touch gestures.


TapEdition takes the .PDF out of your publication!

Use Your Existing Content

You already worked hard on your content, right?


Why should you have to learn a new piece of software and re-design your content?


That makes no sense!


TapEdition lets you import your existing content! Just upload your content and our technology does the rest!


Fast and Easy To Get Started

Getting started is as easy as signing up and uploading your content. In fact, chances are that within 10 minutes or less, you will already see your publication using our iPad Simulator. Then, with just a few clicks, you can submit your app to the Newsstand for publishing!

For Advertisers

Next-Generation Advertising.

Ads within apps become interactive. Looks and feels great for users, delivers results for companies.

Instant Call-To-Actions

Communicate with your readers and potential customers immediately. After they see your ad, they can immediately fill out a form to contact you, which goes directly to your sales team. Can't do that with other types of media!

Deploy in Minutes, Not Weeks

Let’s face it, technology changes quickly, and time is money. Why start on a project now and get it deployed in several weeks? With TapEdition, you’ll have an app you are ready to launch within minutes.

Unbelievable Statistics

Learning details on your reader consumption is amazing for your marketing efforts. You can find out how long they were reading an article, when they were reading it, where they were reading it, and so much more.

Interactive Features

Make your publication come to life with these interactive features.

Adding interactive features to your publication is as easy as defining the "hotspots" and then uploading the content.

Embedded Video & Audio

Embed Video or Audio assets within your app. When your reader taps on the hotspot, a video will play seamlessly within the page.

Photo Gallery
Show impressive photo galleries within your app. Choose between scroll view, overlay view, grid view or a list view photo gallery.
Got more content to show? How about integrating with your CMS or any other RSS feed. Show the RSS feed directly within the page and allow user to scroll.

Show an embedded map of a location and even allow the reader to get directions to that location.

Internal Page Links
Link to other pages within your publication.
Web Links

Link to external webpages. Show the web pages as embedded pages or in a new window.


When a reader taps on a phone number, they can immediately call that number.


When a reader taps on an email address, allow them to send out an email from within your app.

Reader Features
Immerse your readers in your publication.

These intuitive touch gestures supported by all publications give your readers confidence that your app was developed with their reading experience in mind.

Page Flipping
Flipping pages feels just like a real publication.
Page Zoom
Zoom into a page to see images in more detail, zoom out to read text.
Preview Publication
Allow users to preview your publications before purchase – a great conversion-increasing feature.
In-app Purchases
Purchase a new issue or any other content directly within the app and charge the user seamlessly.
Renewable Subscriptions
Allow auto-renewable subscriptions at selected intervals (6-month, 1-year). Making it so easy for the user to subscribe and get all back-issues and future issues for free!
Apple Newsstand
Use the Newsstand to manage publications and handle new issue downloads in the background.