HTML5 App Builder

The nerds know it already and soon everyone will. HTML5 is the future.

Why? For a simple reason that HTML5 works on all devices and more importantly all mobile devices, including the popular devices such as iPad's and Android's.

With the TapEdition HTML5 Development platform, you can make your content a HTML5 app which can then be viewed on all smartphones and tablets!

Using our web based HTML5 platform, making your HTML5 app is as easy as:

  • Upload your content
  • Define your interactivity features
  • Preview and make further enhancements

Then our technology takes your content and makes it into a HTML5 app. You can then take copy the embedded code and then when people go to your web site from a mobile device, you can re-direct them to your TapEdition HTML5 App. Yeah, its that simple!

Just sign up get started building your HTML5 App.