White Label & Resellers

Start your own App Development Company

Utilize the TapEdition Digtial Publishing technology and start creating magazine apps for your clients.

How does it work?

True Branding

We create a site using the TapEdition Digital Publishing Platform and backbone.
Your new site will be branded as you like (i.e. colors, logo) and a domain you host can be pointed to the TapEdition platform.

To a user, this is seamlessly, like they never left your site. When the user builds the app using your branded site and submits the app for publishing, we will handle the submission to Apple and/or Google Play, on your behalf.

This is transparent to users: they will not know it is us. Consider us like your development arm!

Huge Profit Potential
Create an additional revenue stream for your company with mobile apps.
Complete Brand Control
Our white label program allows full brand control of your app builder.
Grow Your Company
Grow your company by offering mobile apps to your clients
Extremely Easy CMS
Build apps without any programming knowledge what so ever in minutes.
100% White Label
Our white label program has zero association with TapEdition.
Powerful Cloud Hosting
TapEdition is powered by Top-Tier, Secure, and Scalable cloud servers.


What is the process in setting up a white label site?

Very simple!

1. Click here to pay for the set up fee. Then we will contact you and request that you send us the following information:


* Your Logo to use on the white label site.

* Color schema to use on the white label site.

* Domain or Sub-Domain you will point to our servers.
(We will provide you an IP after you submit your white label info and payment to us)

* Amazon AWS SMTP Account(see below question on how to set up AWS account)- this is important so emails are

masked as *@yourdomain.com instead of *@tapedition.com


2. Point your domain or sub-domain to our servers.

(keep in mind after you make the domain changes in your registra, it usually takes about

48-72hrs for the changes to take affect.

3. Within 72hrs after we receive your information payment, we will set up your white label site!


We will then email you notifying of the process being completed and further instructions on what you need to do with your domain registra!

Once my white label site is up, what is the process for building apps?

Lets first understand the purpose of your white label site.


The purpose of the white label site is for you to allow your customers to build their OWN magazine apps.


They would build magazine apps under your own white label site brand and TapEdition would not be mentioned anywhere.

The process works very simply!


1) User goes to your white label site.

2) User create an account on your white label site.


3) User builds the app, by uploading their PDF, designing the app, and configuring the interactions.


4) User submits the app AND makes a payment to you, using PayPal. (yes this means you FIRST get the payment from your customer)

1) On a weekly basis, we monitor your white label site for any requests to build apps.

Apps which are marked "Submitted for Publishing" we will send you a paypal request so you immediately pay for the app(s)


2) Once we receive payment for the app(s), we will build the app.


3) Once the app is built, we will submit the app to Apple and/or Google Play.

What are the costs in setting up the white label?

Set up fee: $2,000 (click here to pay)


Per App/Month: Because you are a white label site, we will heavily discount the price per app, this is give you the pricing advantage over users who may find tapedition.com and thus you would have better prices then us :)


Your pricing is as follows: $200 for iOS. Add another $100 for Android


For language specific localization (i.e. changing all english text on the platform to chinese) to your white label site, there is an additional $1,500 charge. (click here to pay)


Click here to pay.

How do I collect payments from my users?

Payments from your users go directly into your PayPal account. This gives you complete control of how much to mark up the apps.


If you want to use another payment option other than PayPal, we also offer integration with Authorize.Net, Google Check out, or Intuit Web Payments. Either of these methods would require an additional $750 set up fee. (click here to pay)

How do I pay TapEdition for my customer apps?

On a weekly basis, TapEdition monitors your account.


For apps which are marked as "Submitted for publishing", we will assume that you have received payment from your customer.


We will then immediately send you an invoice for the app(s).


Once we receive payment in FULL, then and only then will we build the apps. Without payment we will NOT build any apps!

What if I need support?

Any support related to your white label site, we will gladly provide limited to 2hrs after your white label site is up.


Once your white label site is up and 72hrs have passed, any additional support, irrelevant of the issue,

you will be charged at $150/hr with a minimum of a 3-hr block. (click here to pay)


This payment is due up front before any support is provided.

TapEdition does NOT provide ANY support to your users.


However, we have an intense knowledge base which contains videos, tutorials and step by step instructions on how to build the app. Sorry, we will NOT even offer paid support to your users.

What will the white label site look like?

It will look and function exactly as our platform. We suggest you sign up (its free!) at www.tapedition.com to experiment with our platform.

This is exactly what your customers will have on your white label site. However, all your branding such as your logo and color schema will be applied.
Keep something important in mind, we just provide you the "platform", NOT your public marketing site!

Please understand that you are responsible to design your own public marketing site.
How do I set up Amazon AWS and why do I need it?

To make the branding of your site 100% yours, we offer capability so the FROM emails come from your domain/sub-domain. In order to do that, we need to use a SMTP server. Amazon SES (using amazon web services [AWS]) is the leading SMTP server provider.

1. Open up an Amazon AWS account by going to http://docs.aws.amazon.com/ses/latest/GettingStartedGuide/Welcome.html
2. Please make sure to follow ALL instructions, including confirming your sender email address.
3. After you confirm the sender email address, make sure to Create SMTP Credentials
4. After you are complete with everything, please provide us the:

SMTP Username
SMTP Password
What is the level of interactions for the apps?

The features and interactions of the app are listed in the Features Page located at www.tapedition.com/features.php

Any additional features or interactions which you would like which is not standard in our platformed app, would require a custom development fee.

How do I point my domain or sub-domain to my white label platform?

Each domain registra has its own instructions on how to do this. All you need to do is point the domain or sub-domain to an IP we will provide once we receive your set up fee.